Justin Ross


Justin Ross, a local musician from Fort Worth, Texas, has just about done it all, from being the front man of his own band for over 15 years, working as a sound tech for Eagle AVL on main stages across the country, studio musician and engineer, producer, film production and producer, to writer and lead guitar player for touring bands. You can say that Ross has been in and around the entertainment business his entire life. Now at 37 years of age he is embarking on his own studio run from his home in Watauga, TX. Justin has been on both sides of the glass, from engineer to producer and artist. Knowing that artists are always looking for a place to be comfortable when recording, Ross wanted to make sure that is exactly what they got at Lazy Brook Studios

Leighton Autry

studio tech

Leighton Autry has worked alongside some of the best engineers in the business, in both the studio and live production.

Responsible for several recordings out of his own home & engineering at various studios around DFW, Autry was also the monitor engineer for Casey Donahew for many years. From festivals & major live productions to local club gigs to countless hours in the studio, Leighton is truly one of the best there is at working with artists and making them feel at ease.